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11 June 2012 @ 11:40 am
I can sit and WATCH the pulse in my wrist.

Hubby was VERY sweet and bought me fresh fruit yesterday - I go to wash/rinse/slice it this morning, and although what you can see from the container looks lovely, the insides are solid mold... **sigh**

My POWER company is 'outsourcing' it's meter readers... A very beat up blue pick-em-up truck (and OH yeah, that's accurate) with a VERY rusted acetylene tank in the back, complete with with wife AND, mind you pre-teen kid pulled just a second ago so 'hubby' could check the meter.. he called me ma'am.. he said he liked the 'pedestals' (the cement stepping stones) in the walk way... shoot me now? Please?
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10 May 2012 @ 09:00 am
For the first time in my ENTIRE life... I am proud of the man who stand President over these United States...

Just... proud.

(no, I do not CARE if it's a political and/or calculated maneuver... PROUD.
31 March 2012 @ 11:23 am
I don't... LIKE... 'poor me' posts - so I haven't posted in awhile - things aren't going very well for me, myself.

This, however, I really REALLY need to rant about - if I keep it in any longer I will quite literally go insane...

Yesterday... some sub-human-needs-to-die-worthless-SCUM abandoned a 4 month old puppy. Male Corgie mix, very healthy, completely adorable, out in the middle of nowhere.

The goddess smiled and sent my 100lb belgian shephard to the rescue, he came and got me and INSISTED that I help...

Yesterday.... I assumed that the corgie had slipped his collar and as soon as his owner discovered that he was missing..... heh - not.

Now the poor thing is MY responsibility - but I can't - flat can't - keep him.

I hate people. I really do.
02 November 2011 @ 08:58 am
I have a new puppy!!

He's HUGE!!! - A good 100lbs of glorious fluffy shephard (mix... mebbe afghan? he's so SOFT!)

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02 November 2011 @ 08:55 am
For those annoyed with excessively 'PC' phrases....

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10 June 2011 @ 06:30 am
Pretty much... my take on the entire issue:


31 May 2011 @ 05:07 pm
Good Gods, I DO NOT believe how incredibly, deliberately EVIL my mother is!

Lily's birthday is June 2nd, she'll be 18 - we got her (last) birthday card from "Nana" today... and for the first time ever, she just HAD to write a letter to include with it.

Evil, evil evil bitch. She must have spent DAYS coming up with the most painful, hurtful, evil things she could say. Then she probably spent a couple more days editing so they were at their worst and slimiest..

I do NOT BELIEVE that I grew up around anyone that... nasty. - just.... ick.

ah well - NEVER again will I have to deal with her, even second hand! - HEE!
19 May 2011 @ 07:03 am
My princess:

My Neice!

I soooo do not believe I'm this old! LOL

Also? - even after all this time, I still can't believe how evil my mom is... Lily graduated on Sunday, 'Manda graduated Wednesday - my mom flew out for a week to 'visit'. She deliberately scheduled her incoming flight to miss Lily's graduation... GAH - NOT, mind you, that she would have been welcome in my house, but she was invited to Lily's graduation, and I would have made shift to at least be polite.

Odds are, not having to deal with her at all was the best of all possible worlds - but she only has two grand-daughters... you'd THINK.....

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17 April 2011 @ 08:11 am

**sigh** - she's growing up so fast!!
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07 February 2011 @ 09:05 am
Food for thought... odd thought - but hey...

(this is a DIRECT result of reading Terry Prachett...)


Will you stand up for what you believe in?

Will you FIGHT for what you believe in?

Will you DIE for what you believe in?

OK - what do you believe in?

Just a thought.....
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