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11 December 2010 @ 05:04 pm
**sigh** - I used to LOVE the holidays - I loved to cook, I loved to bake, I loved to buy presents and I LOVED to decorate!!

They were a great reason/excuse to REALLY get everything clean and gorgeous and then I got to unpack the decorations and remember past holidays and just... revel in making everything, absolutely everything... gorgeous and special.

and now I can't. *I* can't. Flat can not do it.

and neither hubby nor child has any interest in doing it right (or, actually, at all..)

**sigh** - ahhh well - merely the latest thing to pare from my life is all. I CAN still cook and bake - given enough lead time, and if hubby goes shopping and actually buys what's on the list. 'Course, that doesn't actually happen TERRIBLY often - but hey

I WAS doing better until the pup mucked up my 'good' knee - 'course, I can no longer feel my toes and the balls of my feet are starting to go - so it's probably not all her fault huh?

mer - I'll deal with it... later... I guess.
16 June 2010 @ 10:56 am
Forum, forum forum!


It doesn't look right yet, and the smiley's are gonna take FOREVER - there are no members and there's nothing THERE - but... you're the peeps to fix that!
15 June 2010 @ 10:07 pm
Really I'm not?

We had us a HUGE electrical storm last Tuesday (the 8th) - with a lightning strike within 100yrds of the house. Blew the transformer, we were without power for over 36 hrs. - Blew the phone lines, we just got phone yesterday - blew the ethernet card on our puter (plus router and modem) - we JUST got back up a little bit ago...

and - for some reason - I still don't have my domain... no clue why, I'll tackle Greengeeks tomorrow when I have a brain...

02 June 2010 @ 02:53 pm
Otay! - I have *most* (not all, but most) of my individual doll pages up - the index of which is here:

None of the top links work, but they won't until I get the rest of the pages organized (scheduled for tomorrow at o'dark hundred)

I KNOW I'm missing some graphics (bars, buttons whatnot) - and some of the pages are reading really bizarrely, which makes NO sense to me - but needs to be fixed none-the-less...

Can I get a couple volunteers to wade through the pages and tell me what's missing where - or what looks weird where? - It'd save me hours...

Hugs all!
01 June 2010 @ 06:22 am
WOOT! - I've gotten everything back up but my dolls...

There's a reason for that.... *grin*

SO - has ANYBODY saved ANY of my pages? - even one? (I actually only need one... any one, doesn't matter which)

My web page software won't handle php - so I did all my editing ON Yahoo... so... I have the original versions of bits of it - but the original versions are four years old....

I have all the CONTENT, mind you, just not the menu bits and bottom bits and random stuff of that nature...

Back to the coal mines for ME

(hey guys? - I'd have collapsed utterly without your support - It means the world to me!)
30 May 2010 @ 03:08 am
Alrighty! - Progress IS being made here...

I have a new server (Greengeeks) - I WILL have my domain name (and, ya know, that was a LOT more of a fight than it should have been) - I'm working on updating the pages I haven't even looked at in the last 10 years and changing email addy's and links on every - single - page...

Me THINKS I have way too many web-pages! LOL

Hugs all!
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30 May 2010 @ 03:06 am
for those who don't get it....

You work for a company - a GREAT company - you've worked there for the last 13 years.

You've been promoted a couple times, switched departments a couple times, and you're still making friends in your new area. You still keep in touch with people you met when you first joined the company - ya know - lunch twice a year or so. You keep in touch with people in the other departments you used to work in. You still keep in touch with your old vendors from when you were in purchasing even.

One morning you wake up and the company has been bombed.

You don't HAVE a building to go to. The company itself has fragmented and declared bankruptcy. The exec's aren't answering their phone or emails.... You have NO WAY to contact any of your co-workers. You can keep in touch with the three or four people you've actually exchanged phone number with but...

WHAT are you going to do?

The general market is still there - you can get hired at another company, probably, maybe, with more-or-less chaos attendant in the move - but...

The receptionist that was hired two weeks ago and you think is going to become a true friend?

The desk-mate from 10 years ago that you love dearly but hardly ever get to get together with?

The vendors that were actually GOOD? Fast, reliable....

The customers that were truly friends?

People who'd admired your work but never said anything?

Not to mention trying to recreate all your files from scratch...

Yup - you can probably re-build - but... it still won't be the same.
23 May 2010 @ 06:52 am
Otay - everbody's completely pissed at yahoo - which - ya know - you still SHOULD be... but...

Legally - **sigh** - they were 'allowed' to destroy me.

About a month ago Warner Bros chose me as an 'example' I guess, and wrote yahoo (not me) that I'd violated their copyright of all things LOTR. Yahoo wrote me with a serious nasty-gram, and - ya know, yes, I could have argued, legally they were on seriously shaky ground, but I didn't want to deal with the chaos, sooo - I deleted the offending files. Hey, they were what, five years old? - meh - so.....

I missed a couple. THREE pictures to be exact. They weren't linked in anywhere, if you didn't know the URL you flat wouldn't be able to find them, but.... three pictures. Me and details don't get along anymore, I TRY, but it just doesn't work. Yahoo indexes files alphabetically AND case-sensitive, and I missed them. Whoops?

Next thing I heard, literally the NEXT thing.... EVERYTHING was gone, Yahoo had written me a 'fuck off and die' letter, and I was shit out of luck.

I've written Warner Bros attorney's and explained - they MIGHT decide that they're human and write Yahoo and Yahoo MIGHT give me back access... but the odds are damn near 100% that if they DO give me access, what I'll get access to is... an empty box.

I have my entire web-site backed up on the computer - I do. If Yahoo DOES restore access I'm gonna move servers anyway. HOPEFULLY (since, ya know, I've paid through the end of the year, and I DON'T have access) I can rescue my domain name ((*^^%*^(*(^*^) the odds are only... ok.

The groups are history, there's no way in hell yahoo COULD restore them, even they wanted to. MAYBE I can get the forum and my email files back... anything's possible? (not, mind you, likely... but possible?)

By - say - next Friday at the latest I will have *something* up. With a different server. Hopefully under Dolls-n-Daggers... but no guarantees.

I really REALLY appreciate everybody's support, and I really am working to set things right?

I can't, I really really can't write back and say thank you to everybody. I WANT to - Gods I want to, you guys are keeping me ALIVE - but every damn time I try to touch on this thing, I fall into chaos and start screaming (yes, I know, you think I'm kidding, but.... I'm not)

Screaming is better than panic attacks?

Love you guys!!
21 May 2010 @ 07:21 am
I have been ROYALLY screwed by Yahoo... it's a long story - but - basically

they took EVERYTHING from me.

My full web-site - ALL 1,000 web pages of it, - my dolls, hubby's knives, Sarena's leathers, all our collaborations, my forum, all the pics HERE that I'd posted, the three yahoo groups I was owner of - tutorials, first-to-know-list, doll artist relief help... - EVERYTHING - PLUS my yahoo email account. ie. the email I account I did EVERYTHING with - all the groups I belonged to, book and CD swaps, all my friends.... EVERYTHING. They STOLE Thirteen years of my life.

I flat can't deal with all of the repercussions right now - but I'm working on trying to get at least some of it back.

in the mean time - you can reach me at dievalkyrie.99@gmail.com

I'm gonna go back to dealing with panic attacks now - nothing like having THIRTEEN years of your work life erased with no warning and for no reason to really muck your life about.....

I'm in hell
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21 February 2010 @ 07:02 am
Good Gods - I will *NEVER* go shopping on a Saturday again! - EVER!!! - Grant can by gods take a day off from work!

The store was PACKED - there was a full hour wait for a dressing room - WITHOUT the people the place was packed with gowns, tulle flying everywhere...

We were there for THREE HOURS - I have no intention of standing up again anytime soon! LOL


Oh I was VERY unclear yes? - on the left is Lily, and on the right is her cousin (my niece) Amanda - they buddied up to find prom dresses, so we had extra hands to hold the hangers and *I* got Patrice to hold my hand and keep me sane and standing! - HEE!!

You wanna hear funny? - I WAS taking pics of all the dresses they tried on - but the 'attendants' made me stop - the designs are copywrited after all.... LOL - Is funny because.... 1) they sent out catalogs with pictures of all the dresses. 2) All the dresses have pictures on line and 3) if I was gonna copy a design I'd want a sketch book - not a camera! - AHhahahahah (like you could PAY ME to sew something like that in people size! - heh!)
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